Jackie Barrett:

My legal name ie the name on my birth certificate is John Barrett and to maintain the legal status of the business I use it as the business name plus it helps for banking purposes and travel.  Try leaving the country using the name Jackie when your passport says John (Liverpool Airport classic example).

Since being born I have been known as Jackie Barrett.  For a full explanation please speak to my little sainted mother.  Throughout my Fire Service and associated working career I have only ever been known as Jackie Barrett, so if you are seeking references from serving fire officers use the name Jackie.

Soon after retirement from the N Ireland Fire Brigade I was contacted by Jason Lear Training Manager for Sibbald Training asking if I would consider undertaking Confined Space Training.  My name had been passed to him by Mick Malone Senior Divisional Officer Belfast. This started my career in sewage, thank you Mick and Jason, and brought me into self-employment.

There is the old saying that those who Can – DO and that those that Can”t – TEACH.  Sorry to dispel the myth but hopefully you can see from below that I can, have done, still do and teach it. I don’t expect anyone to do anything I can”t.

Why do I still do it, because:

  • I can
  • I am good at it
  • I enjoy it

The next bit is me keep reading for the Us.


Fire & Safety Trainer



Self Employed

Fire & Safety Training


  • First Aid
  • BAFEServicing of Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Liensed Assessor Certification & Awarding Body for the Water Industry CABWI
  • Northern Ireland Building Control Fire Safety Panel Fire Risk Assessor PAS 79
  • Institute of Leadership & Management Train the Trainer Advanced
  • Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learner Sector PTLLS


Designing & Delivering:

  • Fire Awareness Training
  • Fire Warden Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fire Risk Assessor
  • Fire Train the Trainer
  • Breathing Apparatus Escape Set Training
  • Breathing Apparatus Full Duration Working Set Training
  • Breathing Apparatus Airline Equipment Training
  • Breathing Apparatus Command & Control Training
  • Confined Space Awareness Training
  • Level 2 Award Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces
  • Level 2 Award in Working in High Risk Confined Spaces
  • Level 3 Award in Rescue & Recovery of Casualties from Confined Spaces
  • Emergency Response Team Training


Fire Officer

Facilities Department.


Nigerdock PLC – FZE

Nigerdock Steel fabrication and ship repair.


  • Safe Use, Inspection and Donning Harnesses
  • Honeywell Gas Detectors servicing and calibration:
    ~ Gas Detection & Sensor Technology
    ~ GasAlertExtreme
    ~ GasAlertMicroClip
    ~ GasAlertMicro 5 PID
  • MSA Portable Gas Detectors servicing and calibration:
    ~ Combustable Gas Theory
    ~ Solaris Multigas Detector
    ~ Altair 4 – Care & Use
    ~ Altair 5 Multigas Detector
    ~ Altair 5X Multigas Detector
  • MSA Respiraory Protective Equipment:
    ~ Respirator Selection
    ~ Advantage Full Face Respirators
    ~ Advantage Half Mask Respirators
    ~ Powered Air Purifying Respirators


Designing & Delivering:

  • Day to day leadership and management of ND Fire Dept.
  • Selection and assessment of personnel for operational, fire safety and firewatcher roles in the fire department.
  • Attendance at and provide operational leadership at fire and other emergencies covering:
    • Fires in sleeping risks, fabrication workshops, structures under construction, offices, high piled warehouses, LPG storage vessels, Fuel storage, gas cylinder storage
    • Floating dock and Dry dock with ships under repair
    • Heliport
    • Incidents involving working at height
    • Man overboard and water rescue.
  • Delivery of Fire Awareness training to all ND employees
  • Design, delivery and assessment of specific Fire Warden training to selected employees from the various departments ie;
    • IT Dept. to include FM200 automatic fire alarm and suppression systems for main and secondary server rooms.
    • Security Dept. to cover the assignment instructions for each security site
    • Housing Dept. to cover the variety of sleeping risks, detection and alarm systems
    • Warehousing to include coverage of VESDA automatic fire alarm systems
  • Design and delivery of community fire awareness training for adjoining villages
  • Initial, refresher and continuation training of Operational Fire Section in:
    • Hose and pump drills/exercises
    • Ladder drills and related working at height exercises
    • Rescue drills and exercises
    • Breathing apparatus covering Drager working sets, escape sets and airline equipment
  • Standard testing, maintenance and servicing of all items of operational equipment
  • Operation, use, calibration and servicing of MSA and BW Technologies portable gas detectors
  • Confined Space entry training for all relevant employees
  • Confined Space rescue and recovery training for operational firemen
  • Fire Risk Assessor training for selected ND Firemen from the Fire Safety Section
  • Conducting, reviewing and revising Fire Risk Assessments for all ND Premises in accordance with UK PAS 79 standard
  • Training for Fire Safety Section in the testing maintenance and servicing of all fire safety equipment:
    • Portable fire extinguishers
    • Mobile fire extinguishers
    • Fire hydrants
    • Fire hosereels
    • Fire alarm and detection systems:
  • Training of Fire Watchers to cover hot work on vessels in ship repair docks.
  • Selection and procurement of appliances and equipment
  • Ensuring compliance with Nigerian statutory provisions and Content


Station Officer


N Ireland Fire & Rescue Service

N Ireland Fire Brigade


  •  UK Fire Service College Breathing Apparatus Instructor
  • Essex Fire & Rescue Service Flashover Instructor
  • City & Guilds NVQ D32 & D33 Assessor
  • NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health
  • Driver/Aerial appliance operator
  • Road Traffic Collision Instructor
  • Foam Tender Instructor
  • Command & Control Instructor


  • Incident Commander
  • Operation Commander
  • Incident Support Officer
    > Safety Officer
    > Communications Officer
    > Breathing Apparatus Main Control
  • Training Instructor
    > Recruit Course Director & Instructor
    > Breathing Apparatus Course Director
  • Instructor for Initial and Refresher Training
  • BA Telemetry Instructor
  • Compartment Fire Behaviour Instructor (Flashover/Backdraught)
  • Fire Safety Instructor (Fire Service personnel)
  • Junior Officer Instruction
  • Road Traffic Collision. Course Director & Instructor
  • Operational Continuation Training development officer
  • Design and development of training courses
    > Train the trainer. (Fire Service)
  • Fire Safety Inspecting Officer
  • Fire Safety Trainer (Industrial, Commercial, Engineering & Health sectors)
  • Goodwil fire safety advisory Officer
  • Project Officer
    > Drager Merlin PSS BA Temetry
    > TETRA Radio

Associate Qualification.

The qualifications shown to the right are for a friend who as you can see has vast experience as an operational fire officer and trainer.

Chris, as a member of a team, is available as an instructor and as a Emergency Response Team member to provide emergency cover for “On Site”.

The other members of the team are equally qualified and experienced. Specialist medical expertise is included.

For details please contact us.

Academic Qualifications

  • BTEC 1st Diploma (Construction)
  • BTEC National Certificate (Construction) 
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Building Production Engineering (62%) 
  • Level 3 NEBOSH Certificate in ‘Health & Safety’ 
  • Level 3 ‘Award in Assessing Candidates using a Range of Methods’ 
  • Level 3 ‘Certificate in first Line Management’ 
  • Level 4 V1 Award in Conducting Internal Quality Assurance 
  • Level 4 IFE ‘Fire Service Operations’ (Grade D) 
  • Level 4 IFE ‘Fire Engineering Science’ (Grade C) 
  • Level 3 City & Guilds ‘Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Sector’ 
  • Level 5 Diploma ‘Fire Service Operations Instructor 
  • BTEC L5 Management & Leadership 

Professional Qualifications

  • Level 3 IFE ‘Graduated Member’ 
  • Breathing apparatus Instructor (Fire Service College)
  • Compartment Fire Behaviour Instructor (Essex County Fire & Rescue) 
  • Manual Handling Instructor (Fire Service College) 
  • LIFE Instructor/Co-ordinator (NIFRS)
  • Safe to Manage A (NIFRS)
  • Safe to Manage B (NIFRS)
  • TETRA Instructor (NIFRS) 
  • Tactical Ventilation Instructor (Fire Service College) 
  • Mobile Hot Fire Unit Instructor (KIDDE Fire Trainers) 
  • Hazmat instructor (Fire Service College) 
  • Road Traffic Collision Instructor (Fire Service College) 
  • Incident Management Foundation Course (Fire Service College)
  • Extended Duration Breathing Apparatus Instructor (London Fire Brigade)
  • Fire Investigation Level 1 (NIFRS) 
  • Compressed Air Foam Systems Instructor ( NIFRS) 
  • Safe to Manage D Instructor (NIFRS) 
  • First person on Scene Intermediate (FPOSI) medical course