Fire extinguisher colour codes by type.

Fire Extinguisher Course Introduction

It is a legal requirement to have an appropriate extinguisher sited and installed at key points within your premises. The type, number and location of portable firefighting appliances is normally determined by the company that supplies and services them.

We offer fire extinguisher training:

  • As part of Fire Awareness Training where I always cover the provision of first aid firefighting appliances and if required their actual practical operation and use.
  • As part of Fire Warden Training where I cover provision, operation and use
  • For Vehicle Fires Training where I specifically target the provision, operation and use of small portable firefighting appliances fitted in vehicles plus the normal range of extinguishers on trucks/tankers etc
  • As stand alone or refresher training purely covering provision, operation and use.

Fire Extinguisher Course Design.

The Fire Extinguisher Course is designed for both management and staff to encourage them to recognise and react appropriately if a fire is discovered or a fire alarm sounds.

Practical training in the actual operation and use of firefighting appliances would be deemed necessary if:

Fire Extinguisher Course Content

The course consists of:

  1. Explanation of chemistry of fire (Fire Triangle)
  2. Explanation and examples of fire spread and the speed or rate at which a fire can develop
  3. Explanation and examples of the different classes of fire
  4. Explanation of the three primary methods of fire extinction
  5. Definition and explanation of ASET Available Safe Egress Time and the factors which can affect it.
  6. Explanation of the different types and use of First Aid Firefighting Equipment
  7. Recognition of how and why first aid firefighting equipment is sited and installed for general and specific use
  8. Observe the operation of a Water Ext. on a simulated Class B fire
  9. Observe the operation of a Foam Ext. on a simulated Class B fire
  10. Operate and use a Water Ext. to extinguish a simulated Class A fire
  11. Operate and use a Carbon Dioxide Ext. to extinguish a simulated electrical fire
  12. Operate and use a Fire Blanket to extinguish a simulated chip pan

The observation of the use of first aid firefighting equipment may be required due to the restrictions of the site chosen for practical training.  If the site location allows it then the actual operation and use of these extinguishers on live fires will be allowed.

Fire Blanket Notice

Fire Extinguisher Course Pre-requisites

If training is to be carried out at your site a current, valid fire risk assessment should be provided prior to the training event.  In addition if a hot work permit is required please advise if you need us to prepare one.

We use a generic risk assessment, method statement and hot permit for sue of LPG Fire Training Rig.

Fire Extinguishers Course Notes

  1. It is a legal requirement that all employees receive Fire Warden Training.
  2. The training detailed on this page is “generic” first aid firefighting equipment training
  3. Training can be carried out at your premises provided suitable resources are available:
    • Sufficient space to accommodate course numbers
    • Space to use whiteboard, laptop and projector
    • External training area for practical extinguisher training.
  4. I will provide a Risk Assessment and Method
    Statement for practical extinguisher training.
    Please advise if you operate a Hot Work Permit system.
  5. Specific training can be designed and delivered to meet your needs.
  6. A copy of your current Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Policy, Fire Routine will be required for specific training.
  7. For businesses to which the Fire Safety Regulations apply, depending on the size of the business, not all employees nominated as Fire Wardens would need to be trained in the operation and use of fire extinguishers. 
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Fire Extinguisher Course Venue

Training can be conducted at:

  • Fire Safety Trainer practical training premises.
    Details of these can be found on the contact page.
  • Your premises.  Please see the attached notes.
  • Other suitable agreed venues.

Fire Extinguisher Course Duration

As part of a Fire Awareness Training.  See course details.

As part of a Fire Warden Training.  See course details.

For Stand Alone Training    2 hours

Fire Extinguisher Course Size

Maximum 12 candidates per instructor for practical fire extinguisher training.

Fire Extinguisher Course Assessment

For Fire Awareness  and Warden Training:

  • Written and practical assessment covering extinguishers will be included in the course content.

For Stand Alone Training

  • Written questionnaire (Tick Box)
  • Practical Assessment
  • Oral Assessment

Fire extinguisher Course Qualification

  • Candidates will either obtain certification of attendance or successful pass.
  • The Certificate will clearly state the Aim and Objectives of the course.
  • Certificates will be sent to the company and not to individual candidates and will be valid for 3 years.   

Fire Extinguisher Course Refresher

Determined by Employer based on:

  • alteration to premises
  • change of duties
  • change of existing fire safety measures

We would recommend annual refresher training for fire the practical use of extinguishers.