Vehicle fire extinguisher sign

Vehicle Fire Safety Course Introduction

Vehicle plant and machinery fires involve one or more of these factors:

  1. Vehicle design flaw
  2. Poor maintenance
  3. Accidents/collisions
  4. Electric vehicle batteries and electrical problems
  5. Spilled fluids.

You can avoid most vehicle fires by performing regular maintenance but knowing what to do and what actions to take in the event of a vehicle, plant or machinery fire is essential for the safety of yourself, your staff and others.  This training is designed to prepare you.

Vehicle Fire Safety Course Design.

The Vehicle Fires Course is designed for all employees who have the responsibility for driving or being transported in vehicles and for operating, using, maintaining and servicing plant and machinery which could potentially go on fire.

The course content is suitable for all vehicles ie cars, vans, trucks, articulated vehicles petrol/diesel driven, gas, electric, hybrid and fuel cell.
Plant and machinery covers generators, cranes, refrigeration plant, reefer containers, etc

Vehicle Fire Safety Course Content

The course consists of:

  1. Recognise the need for regular vehicle inspection and maintenance
  2. Recognise the main causes of fires in vehicles, plant and machinery
  3. Recognise the need for safe storage, handling and use of hazardous/flammable materials carried on or in the vehicle
  4. Recognise the requirement for the use of approved containers.
  5. Understand the actions to take in the event of a vehicle accident/collision
  6. Recognise the fire safety actions necessary in the event of an accident/collision
  7. State the dangers associated with vehicle fires
  8. State the action to take on discovery of a vehicle fire for:
    • Petrol & diesel internal combustion engines
    • Fuel cell vehicles
    • Battery electric vehicles
    • Hybrid electric vehicles
    • Vehicle refrigeration units and reefer containers
  9. State the safe stand back distances for vehicle fires involving
    • Hazardous Chemicals
    • Lithium Ion batteries
    • Fuel cell tanks
    • LPG Cylinders
  10. State the action to take on discovery of plant or machinery fires
  11. Conduct a risk assessment to include fire hazards for the use of vehicles
  12. Conduct a risk assessment to include fire hazards for the operation and use of plant/machinery
  13. State the information required by the emergency services

Vehicle Fire Safety Course Pre-requisites


Vehicle Fire Safety Course Notes

  1. The training detailed on this page is “generic” vehicle fire safety training
  2. Training can be carried out at your premises provided suitable resources are available:
    • Sufficient space to accommodate course numbers
    • Space to use whiteboard, laptop and projector
    • External training area for practical extinguisher training.
  3. I will provide a Risk Assessment and Method
    Statement for practical extinguisher training.
    Please advise if you operate a Hot Work Permit system.
  4. Specific training can be designed and delivered to meet your needs.
  5. A copy of your current Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Policy, Fire Routine will be required for specific training.
Contact Us.
Vehicle fire due to storage of chemicals

Vehicle Fire Safety Course Venue

Training can be conducted at:

  • Fire Safety Trainer practical training premises.
  • Details of these can be found on the contact page.
  • Your premises.  Please see the attached notes.
    Other suitable agreed venues.

Vehicle Fire Safety Course Duration

Normally covered as an “Add On” during Fire Awareness or Fire Warden training.

If required for “Stand Alone” please Contact Us for an indication of duration.

Vehicle Fire Safety Course Size

As per Fire Awareness or Fire Warden Course.

“Stand Alone” maximum 12 due to need for fire extinguisher training.

Vehicle Fire Safety Course Assessment

To be determined by course type.

Vehicle Fire Safety Course Qualification

For “Stand Alone” vehicle fire training:

  • Candidates will will either obtain certification of attendance or successful pass.
  • The Certificate will clearly state the Aim and Objectives of the course.
  • Certificates will be sent to the company and not to individual candidates and will be valid for 3 years.  

Vehicle Fire Safety Course Refresher

Determined by Employer.