Abrasive Wheel danger sign.

Abrasive Wheel Course Introduction

There is no substitute for thorough practical training in all aspects of the mounting and use of abrasive wheels.

The training course we deliver complies with the guidance offered in HSG17 Safety in the use of abrasive wheels in compliance with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations PUWER.

Our course is primarily geared towards hand operated abrasive equipment and products as detailed in HSG17.

The training is split into two elements:

  1. Knowledge
    Mainly classroom based to cover the course content as listed below.
  2. Practical
    Covering the operation and use of the equipment and abrasive products.

Abrasive Wheel Course Design.

The Abrasive Wheels Course is designed for anyone involved in operation and use of Abrasive Wheels to ensure that it is carried out in accordance with manufacturers guidance and safe working practices.

Elements of this training are delivered as part of other Training Courses we provide but is offered here as “Stand Alone” training for:

  1. Initial training and certification.
  2. Refresher training.

Abrasive Wheel Course Content

The course consists of:

Knowledge Element;

  1. Be aware of the relevant legislation, guidance and approved codes.
  2. Definition of Abrasive products
  3. Recognise the hazards and risks arising from the use of abrasive wheels and the precautions to be observed
  4. Identify the methods of marking abrasive wheels with their type, size and maximum operating speed
  5. Recognise the importance of how to store, handle and transport abrasive wheels
  6. Understand why and demonstrate how to inspect and test abrasive wheels for damage
  7. Recognise the functions of all the components used with abrasive wheels such as flanges, blotters, bushes, nuts, etc
  8. Understand why and demonstrate how to assemble abrasive wheels correctly to make sure they are properly balanced and fit for use
  9. Identify the need for and carry out the proper method of dressing an abrasive wheel (removing dulled abrasive and other material from the cutting surface and/or removing material to correct any uneven wear of the wheel)
  10. Understand and identify the need for and set the correct adjustment of the work rest on pedestal or bench grinding machines
  11. Selection of appropriate types/standard and understand the use of and wear suitable personal protection equipment.

Practical Element:

  1. Selection, test and mounting of abrasive discs and diamond wheels
  2. Setting and adjusting guards and other safety devices
  3. Cutting and grinding techniques for a selection of equipment:
    –  angle grinders
    –  bench grinders
    –  cut-off saws
    –  concrete saw
    –  roadsaw
  4. Ring testing, truing, dressing and balancing abrasive wheels.

Abrasive Wheel Course Pre-requisites


Abrasive Wheel Course Notes

  1. It is a legal requirement that all employees required to operate and use abrasive wheels are trained in the mounting and use of abrasive wheels.
  2. The training detailed on this page is “generic” abrasive wheels training.
  3. Training can be carried out at your premises provided suitable resources are available:
    • Sufficient space to accommodate course numbers
    • Space to use whiteboard, laptop and projector
    • External training area for practical training and exercises..
  4. Mainly Utility /Construction Sector related we use battery operated and 110V grinders, Stihl concrete saws, bench grinders, Hiitachi cut off saw and roadsaw.  
  5. We can design and deliver training for other manufacturers equipment.
  6. Specific training can be designed and delivered to meet your needs.
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Abrasive Wheel Course Venue

Training can be conducted at:

  • Fire Safety Trainer practical training premises.
    Details of these can be found on the contact page.
  • Your premises.  Please see the attached notes.
  • Other suitable agreed venues.

Abrasive Wheel Course Duration

4 hrs 

Abrasive Wheel Course Size

Maximum 12
Minimum 6

Abrasive Wheel Course Assessment

  • In house written tick box questionnaire
  • Practical assessment and recorded to our standards

Abrasive Wheel Course Qualification

  • Candidates will obtain our company certification of successful pass.
  • Certificates will be sent to the company and not to individual candidates and will be valid for 3 years.

Abrasive Wheel Course Refresher

Determined by Employer based on:

  • Perceived need
  • Change in equipment