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Ladder Safety Course Introduction

If work has to be done at height, is a ladder or stepladder the best equipment to use?

If you can, you should consider using another method of reaching the work at height, such as a tower scaffold, cherry picker or scissor lift.

As a guide you should only use ladders for light work that isn’t likely to last longer than 30 minutes and where you can keep three points of contact with the ladder while you carry out the work.

You should only use a ladder or stepladder if you have been trained and instructed in how to use the equipment safely.

Ladder Safety Course Design.

This course is designed to promote safe work practices for short duration work using ladders and stepladders.

Ladder Safety Course Content

The course consists of:

Knowledge Element.

  1. Be aware of the relevant legislation, guidance documents and codes of practice.
  2. Selection of appropriate working at height equipment.
  3. Safe systems of work, review and revision of assessments.
  4. Company policy and decisions on who can use
  5.  Class and length of ladder to use
  6. Testing and completion of checklists
  7. Selection of  ladder footing position, under running and extending
  8. Pitching factors and angle of pitch for safe working and safe extended length of a ladder
  9. Security and stability factors including stepping off and on to a ladder.
  10. Do’s and Don’ts of safe working on a ladder
  11. Weather and other safety issues
  12. Ladder storage, care and maintenance.

Practical Element:

  1. Ladder tests
  2. Ladder pitching, extension and securing
    –  minimum three rungs above pitch point
  3. Ladder climbing (ascending and descending)
    –  maintain three points of contact
  4. Stepping off and on to a ladder
    –  Always step down off a ladder
    –  Always step up onto a ladder
  5. Safe footing/bracing a ladder
  6. Use of leg locks

Ladder Safety Course Pre-requisites


Ladder Safety Course Notes

  1. It is a legal requirement that all employees required to use ladders and step ladders receive training.
  2. The training detailed on this page is “generic” ladder safety training
  3. Training can be carried out at your premises provided suitable resources are available:
    • Sufficient space to accommodate course numbers
    • Space to use whiteboard, laptop and projector
    • External training area for practical training and exercises.
  4. Specific training can be designed and delivered to meet your needs.
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Ladder Safety Checklist

Ladder Safety Course Venue

Training can be conducted at:

  • Fire Safety Trainer practical training premises.
    Details of these can be found on the contact page.
  • Your premises.  Please see the attached notes.
  • Other suitable agreed venues.

Ladder Safety Course Duration


Ladder Safety Course Size

Maximum 12
Minimum 6

Course Assessment

  • In house written tick box questionnaire
  • Practical assessment and recorded to our standards

Course Qualification

  • Candidates will obtain our company certification of successful pass.
  • Certificates will be sent to the company and not to individual candidates and will be valid for 3 years.

Course Refresher

Determined by Employer based on:

  • Perceived need
  • Change in equipment