Low Risk CS exercise caution.

Working in Low Risk Confined Spaces Course Introduction

We have developed a Confined Space Training Programme to cover work in all classifications of Confined Space. 

The Confined Space Training Programme is a structured programme designed for those personnel who are required to:

    1.  Carry out the duty as a Confined Space:
      –  CS
      Entry Supervisor
      –  CS Attendant (Top Man)
      –  CS Entrant

      –  Responsible Person

Working in Low Risk Confined Spaces Course Design.

The Low Risk confined space course has been designed for all those engaged in work at low risk confined spaces either as a lone worker or as an attendant.

Low Risk Course Content

The course consists of:

Session 01 Confined Space Introduction.
Session 02 Confined Space & other relevant legislation and ACOP
Session 03 Confined Space Classification
Session 04 Confined Space Recognition
Session 05 Confined Space Accidents
Session 06 Confined Space Hazards
Session 07-01 Rescue Harness & Retrieval Equipment
Session 07-03 Ancillary equipment (Lighting, ventilation, communication, etc)
Session 07-04 Gas Detection Equipment (Portable Single & Multi Gas)
Session 07-05 Respirators
Session 08  Suspension Syncope
Session 09-01  Test, don & adjust a Rescue Harness
Session 09-02  Test, set up a Tripod and retrieval device

Session 09-03  Operate & use portable gas detectors
Session 0
9-04  Winching operations involving tripod and retrieval devices

Session 10 Confined Space Safe Systems of Work
Session 11 Confined Space Emergency Procedures

Low Risk Course Pre-requisites


Low Risk Course Notes

      1. The training detailed on this page is “generic” Low Risk CS training.
      2. Course consists of:
        –  Classroom based theory and practical sessions
        –  Practical sessions involving entry into Low Risk Confined Spaces
      3. Requirement to complete medical questionnaire
      4. Requirement for PPE
        Candidates should bring their own

        –  Hard Hat
        –  Long sleeve garment
        –  Gloves

        –  Safety Boots
      5. Training can be carried out at your premises provided suitable resources are available:
          Sufficient space to accommodate course numbers
          Space to use whiteboard, laptop, projector and screen.
          There are adequate practical training facilities. For this course:
          –  Suitable Low Risk Confined Space
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Low Risk Course Venue

Training can be conducted at:

      • Fire Safety Trainer practical training premises.
        Details of these can be found on the contact page.
      • Your premises.  Please see the attached notes.
      • Other suitable agreed venues.

Low Risk Course Duration

1 Day as per City and Guilds Guided Learning Hours.

Low Risk Course Size

      • Maximum 8 
      • Minimum 4
      • Instructor/Candidate ratio  1:4

Low Risk Course Assessment

      • City and Guilds written assessment.
        Formal assessment procedures.
      • Practical assessment to National Occupational Standard for Low Risk Confined Spaces

Low Risk Course Qualification

      • Candidates will obtain a City & Guilds certification of successful pass.
      • Certificates will be sent to the company and not to individual candidates and will be valid for 3 years.

Low Risk Course Refresher

Determined by Employer.